Institute of Architecture and Planning

Identified Thrust Areas Sub-Areas
Art, Architecture and History Architectural History
Contemporary Theory in Architecture
Spatial Experience
Heritage Studies
Art History
Architecture and Visual Media
Architectural Elements, Language and Design Process Paradigms and Positions of Space making
Space Syntax
Vernacular Architecture
Climatic Context
Tools and Techniques for Design including software
Generative Design
Parametric Modelling
Building Materials, Construction and Technology Local Resources and Construction Practices
Sustainable Building Practices
High-rise Structures
Innovative Materials and Technology
Architectural Conservation Practices
Environment and Climate Change Climate Resilient Design
Green Building Design
Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment
Energy Simulations and Modelling
Thermal Comfort, Passive Cooling
Ecology and Climate Change
Urban Studies Public Space
Urban Morphology
Landscape Urbanism
Urban Ecology
Rural-urban Linkages
Safety and Resilience Fire Safety
Barrier free Design
Disaster Risk, Assessment and Management
Risk and Vulnerability Studies
Urban Resilience
Nature based Solutions
Green and Blue Infrastructure
Settlement Planning and Public Policy Urban Planning Processes and Plans
Urban Development
Rural Development
Regional Development, Metropolitan Planning Framework
Housing and Real Estate Planning
Environmental Planning
Infrastructure Planning and Management
Industrial Area Planning and Management
Peri-urban Dynamics
Tools and Techniques for Planning
GIS, Remote Sensing and other applications
Planning for Urban Informal Sector
Governance and Management
Socio-ecological Processes in Design and Development Gender Studies
Culture and Space, Social Networking
Socio-economic development
Livelihood security
Natural Resources Management

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