Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute (SICI) grant to Faculty Members

The Shashtri-Indo Canadian Institute (SICI), a bi-national organisation promotes the academic relations between India and Canada. Recently, two faculty members from the university received a grant from the institute to carry on a specified task. Two of our institutes Institute of Law and the Institute of Technology received a grant from SICI.

The Institute of Law, Nirma University received a grant from SICI under the category of Shastri Conference and Lecture Series Grant (SCLSG) 2022, for organising a Lecture series on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Legal regime: Addressing issues of Ethics, Justice Administration, Piracy and Transparency’. The lecture will be organised this year in March in association with experts in Artificial Intelligence (Al) and Law from Canada and India. Dr Amit Kumar Kashyap, Assistant Professor and Dr Taruna Jakhar, Assistant Professor at the institute will be coordinating the programme.

Dr Kashyap says, ‘I feel privileged and honoured to receive this prestigious grant from Shastri-Indo Canadian Institute (SICI). I have been planning along with my colleague Taruna Jakhar to host a lecture series on Contemporary Debate in Artificial Intelligence and Law for a long time. It took us more than a month to conclude the proposal to make it suitable for the SICI Grant. The challenge was to meet the deadlines and design the proposal meeting the high standards of SICI. I am thankful to Dr Madhuri Parikh, Director Institute of Law, Nirma University and Dr Varsha Ganguly, Research Head, Institute of Law, Nirma University for their guidance and support.’

Two assistant professors from the Institute of Technology, Nirma University (ITNU) received the grant for organising another seminar. Dr Neha Patni and Dr Amita Chaudhary of the Chemical Engineering Department at ITNU have been awarded a grant for organising an International Seminar on Renewable Energy Resources: New technologies of 2022’. Speakers from Canada and India are to share their expertise with the researcher students and faculty across the globe.

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