Office of University Communications

The Office of University Communications serves as the link between the university and its constituent institutes. The office works closely with the institute coordinators and student teams across the University on a host of things, including newsletter, website, print media, and social media. It serves as the primary source of contact for the local, regional and national media organisations.

Some of the responsibilities of the office include:

  • Highlighting the various activities of the constituent institutes through different online and offline platforms.
  • Creating and issuing press releases about events, achievements, etc.
  • Facilitate the media coverage of the university and its institutes.

In addition, to the print media, the university is also actively involved in digital media. The Nirma University encourages the use of social media as a way to engage with the on-campus and off-campus community. We recognise the need for colleges, programmes, institutes, and departments to create social media accounts to build relationships with the community.

Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings on the campus by clicking on the links below and following us on our social media handles.

Connect with Us:

Nirma University aims to keep its stakeholders updated and informed about different activities and developments happening at the university and its constituent institutes. In this context, the university releases a hard copy newsletter twice in a calendar year. Besides providing information, the newsletter also helps to maintain a chronological record of the major events, happenings, and developments at Nirma University in a documented form. Keeping with the changing times, the University also releases an e-newsletter.

More news and updates for University Newsletter are available at

To subscribe the university newsletter, kindly go to and register yourself under Get our Newsletter section.


Ms Ritu Agarwal

Publication Officer


Ph. 07971652607

Ms Juhi Patel

Social Media Manager


Ph. 07971652607

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